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ENTAJ Armenian cordon blue

ENTAJ Armenian cordon blue

4 persons per serving
Preparation time: 50 minutes


ENTAJ Chicken 4
Chicken broth ½ cup (125 ml)
Butter 3 tbsp(40 g)
Crushed toast (kaak) 1 cup 
Grated parmesan cheese 2 tbsp

Basturma 8 slices
Thick halloumi cheese 8 pieces  (20g each)
Avocado 2
Eggs 2
Frying oil 2 cups (500 ml)
Salt, pepper, spices, paprika, and garlic powder (as desired)

How to prepare it:

• In a pot on a medium heat, melt the butter with the chicken broth and stir.

• Combine the breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, spices, garlic powder and paprika in a medium bowl and put it aside.
• Cut the chicken breasts in half to make it thin, so that we can later wrap them. Put a nylon bag over the chicken breast and pat (using the appropriate utensil) until it becomes thin.
• Put on each piece of chicken pat a piece of basturma, a piece of cheese and a piece of avocados and wrap it well.
• Dip each roll in the chicken broth, egg mixture and bread crumbs to fully cover it.
• Fry in the oil until well cooked and brown.
• Serve them sliced with any kind of sauces or salads.

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