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The Saudi Arabian chicken kabsa from ENTAJ

The Saudi Arabian chicken kabsa from ENTAJ

6 persons per serving
Preparation time: 90 minutes


ENTAJ Chicken 1 kg
Basmati rice 2 cups
Chicken broth 4 cups (1 liter)
Margarine or oil  4 tbsp (60 ml)
Onions 3
Tomatoes 3
Tomato paste 3 tbsp 

Kabsa spices 2 tbsp
Dried lemon Lummi  4
Bay leaf 8
Salt (as needed)
Chicken kabsa spices:
Ground black pepper ½ tbsp

Ground cumin ½ tbsp

Ground cardamom  ½ tbsp

Ground coriander ½ tbsp
Cinnamon ½ tbsp
Cardamom ½ tbsp
Cloves ½ tbsp
Salt (as desired)

How to prepare it:

• In a pot, heat the butter or oil on a high temperature, add the chopped onions, turn up side down until it becomes golden in color and put it aside. (Reserve about half the amount of roasted onions to decorate later).
• Add the chicken pieces to the same oil in the pot and roll them on a high heat for 4-5 minutes until the chicken acquires a golden color.
• Add half the amount of roasted onions, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, 4 cups of chicken broth.
• Cover the pot and leave it on a low heat for about 40 minutes until the chicken is cooked.
• Add the chicken kabsa spices and stir until well mixed with the chicken.
• Put the rice on top of the chicken, turn it carefully. The broth should be about 1 cm above the surface of the rice.
• Place the pot over a high heat till it boils strongly for 2-3 minutes until the broth is absorbed.
• Cover the pot and let it cook over a low heat for about 40 minutes until it matures.
• Place the kabsa on the serving platter and spread the roasted onions on the surface.

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