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ENTAJ chicken Moghrabieh with chickpeas and vegetables

ENTAJ chicken Moghrabieh with chickpeas and vegetables

8 persons per serving
Preparation time: 70 minutes


ENTAJ Chicken 1 kg
Bag of moghrabieh ½ kg
Small onions 10
Chopped onion 1
Butter ¾ cup (170 g)
Cinnamon  2 tsp
Black pepper 1 tbsp
White pepper 1 tbsp

Boiled chickpeas 200 g
Zucchini 2
Carrots 2
Peas 100 g
Cumin 1 tsp
Chicken broth 6-8 cups (1.5-2 liters)
Salt (as desired)

 How to prepare it:

• Fry the whole onion with a little bit of butter and set aside. Fry the chopped onions and chicken and add black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon, cumin and salt.
• At the same time, fry the moghrabieh in ¼ cup of butter until it has a color.
• Put the chicken broth over the chicken mixture, add the moghrabieh and cook.
• Add the chickpeas, full onions, zucchini, peas and carrots to the chicken broth and cook to simmer.
• Place the colored moghrabieh in the serving plate with chickpeas and vegetables and place the chicken on top with vegetables and full onions.
• It is possible to clean the chicken from the bones if desired.


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