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ENTAJ chicken Mkloubat with eggplants and toasted almonds

ENTAJ chicken Mkloubat with eggplants and toasted almonds

10 persons per serving
Preparation time: 60 minutes


Chopped ENTAJ chicken 5.1 kg
Chicken broth 6 cups (1.5 liters) or as needed
Long rice 3 cups
Onions 2
Garlic 1
Tomato 1
Potatoes 3
Eggplant 2
Margarine 1 tbsp
Frying oil 1 liter
Roasted almonds (to decorate)

Cinnamon, black pepper, saffron or turmeric, salt and miskeh (as desired)

How to prepare it:

• Boil the chicken in the usual way (add bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon to the broth).
• Spice the rice with turmeric and put a little bit of oil and turn it over.
• Fry the sliced potatoes and circled eggplant.
• Fry the chopped onions in oil.
• Cover the base of the pot with a little bit of margarine then put a sprinkle of miskeh and spread a little bit of rice.
• Place the tomato rings on the margarine and arrange the chicken pieces on the tomatoes.
• Distribute the onions, garlic, eggplant and potatoes evenly in all the pot.
• Spread the rice on the ingredients in the same level and in all directions.
• Before adding the broth; heat the sauce pot on fire to simmer the tomatoes and cook the chicken.
• Then pour the appropriate amount of broth on the rice.
• Put the pot on a high temperature till it boils then reduce the fire. Cover the pot and leave it about quarter of an hour for the ingredients to mature properly. Turn the pot upside down on a platter and keep for about 15-30 minutes. Then take off the pot carefully and decorate the top with the roasted almonds.

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