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The Verdict Is In… Entaj’s Marinated Chicken is Delicious!

Last week at the 33rd International Agriculture, Water and Agro-Industry Show, Entaj showcased its marinated chicken and also offered samples for tasting to the consumers at the convention.

Entaj grilled and cut up into sampling pieces its spicy, garlic & herbs and lemon & pepper marinated thighs and offered them to the consumers to try out…




The feedback we got from the consumers was very positive. After trying our chicken, the consumers went to see our showcased products so that they would recognize them when they shop for chicken next time.

If you haven’t already tried Entaj’s marinated chicken, then you’re missing out! The season for picnics and grilling outside is approaching and what a better time than to grill some of Entaj’s delicious marinated chicken! 




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