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Some Beneficial 'Shopping For Fresh Chicken' Tips

Many of us love our chicken and want to make sure that we buy the best chicken product out there for ourselves and families. There are many tips (storing, handling, cooking, etc.) one can follow in order to ensure he consumes a fresh quality chicken and this all starts with knowing how to shop for the chicken product.

Below are a few shopping tips we can follow in order to ensure we are confident that we are shopping the right away for chicken...

- Buy from a store you trust. Responsible markets keep their products fresh and clean, and the temperature in their chillers is carefully monitored to ensure it abides by the required temperature standard.

- Rely on trusted brands. Make sure you choose a brand you know will be fresh, clean and flavorful. Entaj is setting the bar in freshness, taste and food safety. 

- If buying fresh poultry, make sure the package is clean, cold, sealed tight without rips or leaks, sold from a refrigerated poultry case and within the proper date. 

- Pick up fresh poultry toward the end of the shopping trip, so it stays cold for as long as possible.
- Wrap and bag poultry products separately from unwrapped foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Happy shopping!

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