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Education Matters to Entaj

As with almost any subject matter, there are always misconceptions surrounding a particular topic. The same is no different when it comes to chicken. Many consumers aren’t educating themselves about chicken properly from reliable sources.

Misconceptions exist in a number of issues ranging from how to handle, store, cut & even shop for chicken, etc.
Entaj is recognized to be a reliable point of reference for knowledge of all things related to chicken. At the same time, Entaj places on itself the responsibility to tackle the misinformation out there concerning chicken by educating the public.  

Entaj has already begun educating the consumers digitally on its social media platforms by discussing issues such as how to cook, store & cut chicken. Entaj also shares different nutritional information for each chicken type for diet conscious consumers. Entaj has communicated this in the form of ingraphs as could be seen below:




Entaj will continue to strive for promoting proper education of chicken to its consumers. 


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