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Entaj - The Transparent Brand

There is a crisis where we have less consumer confidence in corporations. Consumers want more than just promises from the companies they purchase from. They also desire more transparency and this desire from consumers has arisen due to them being over marketed and becoming more skeptical.

Entaj strives to be transparent in all the areas of its business, from social conversations to access to brand information to crisis response. Entaj has already begun doing this digitally on its social media platforms.

Entaj is also taking transparency in the poultry category to the next level. Entaj will be launching a new transparent packaging allowing consumers to gain more visibility and a close up look into exactly what chicken they are purchasing. One may see the visuals below for drumsticks, breast fillets & thighs in the new transparent packaging:




Consumers can now feel more confident about the quality of the chicken they are going to buy. Entaj is also displaying its confidence in the quality of its chicken and is proudly exhibiting it to the public by making it more visible and transparent.  

This packaging is expected to arrive in the stores in the second half of the month of June, 2014.

Keep an eye out for it!

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